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natural mint flavor!

this flavor is great, natural mint and tastes so good! will be ordering again

Juju Royal 1500mg Tincture

Amazing product!

Been a huge benefit to my sleep and I always wake up in the best mood when I take it!

Charlotte’s Webb Recovery Gummies

So yummy and help with relaxing and overall recovery!

It works!

Surprisingly these work great!

JuJu Royal 1500 mg Tincture

I use this before bedtime....It seems to calm me and help me sleep

Concentrated drops!

I've started taking the drops about a week ago for medicinal purposes. You know they are legit by the strong taste of concentration. I'm looking forward to seeing results in my overall health within the weeks to come. So far I'm happy with this product!

Bad flavor

I try many different products and the flavor of this is bad I won’t buy it again

Only need one

I only need one capsule to feel the effects. It makes me feel relaxed very quickly after taking it. I like to take these before bed because they really chill me out.

Very Happy

This helps put me to sleep and eases my muscles after a workout. It has an herbal flavor and I love that it has black seed oil in it. Great price for what it’s worth.

Cured Nutrition 1000mg Classic Mint Tincture
Best CBD

One of the best CBD brands that I have tried so far. Loved it!

Dog's new favorite treat!

Keizer absolutely LOVES his little buddy elk antler. He can't stop chewing on it every chance he gets and it really helps with his anxiety and keeping him busy in these winter months. I bought the little buddy tincture to go along with it and have been added some additional tincture now and then. He loves it and doesn't shy away from the taste like he has with other oils in the past.

Great gift for your special pup :)

I could eat the whole bottle!

Talk about GREAT tasting gummies! I love that these are healthy and keto friendly.


If you are looking to give your skin a little extra love, make sure to pick this up! Makes for a great gift for holidays or just to treat yourself! This leaves my skin so soft, hydrated, and smelling fresh. I love the little shimmer it leaves as well! If you are into bath and body products, give this one a try :)

My Skin Has Never Been Happier

What a fantastic product from Sugar and Kush! I have very dry skin in the winter and this product hydrates and soothes to the max. Not to mention is smells incredible and leaves my skin soft, supple, and glistening! A little bit goes a long way and I have recommended this product to a few friends who have picked it up as well and love it too! 11/10 would recommend and will be re-ordering soon.

Great taste and texture!

These gummies are very tasting and all three flavors are delicious! I love that they are vegan and it is an option that will work for a few of my friends and family members too. They pack a punch of CBD and make for a nice pick me up mid day.


I have tried both the bubble gum and cotton candy Sugar and Kush tinctures and I have to say, THEY ARE FANTASTIC!! I try to stay on the healthy side, so sweets are few and far between in my diet. I love that Sugar and Kush offer great tasting, sweet flavors that satisfy my sweet tooth while providing me additional health benefits. BIG WIN in my book! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a delicious tasting, THC free tincture.

Playful ole pupper

I rescued an 8 year old (now 11) chihuahua mix a few years ago. He had a rough life prior, and I've loved him deeply. His back hips were really an issue-as is the bad eye he can't see out of. I started him on cbd from a different manufacturer, and he HATED the taste. It smelled yucky, not gonna lie! I just ordered my 2nd bottle of this, the Fetch tincture. Butters doesn't mind the taste, and its giving him new life. He's playful and he isnt favoring his hips etc. Im so pleased.

Cannot use it

I tried different amounts, mixed with her regular food, fresh chicken, boiled eggs, etc. She refused to eat anything I put this tincture in. She is not a picky eater. So I cannot share if it really would have worked for her.

Hawaii Cannabis Care 300mg Lavender and Tea-Tree Lotion

A great mellow smelling lotion. I use it on wherever needs it that day and it does the job!

Wonderful bathbomb

This bathbomb is incredible! Great smell and super relaxing!

Hawaii Cannabis Care 500mg Deep Muscle Freeze

Amazing product, definitely helps woth sore muscles after hard training

Amazing product

Definitely feels wonderful having deep sleep amazing product I recommend it.

Great results with these

I take them in the evening to wind down and or before stressful situations and they work great without any side effects etc just takes the edge off a bit

Excellent bubble gum drop

Not only did these drops taste amazing, they helped me relax at the end of the day! They taste like childhood gum!