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    Who We Are: 

    At the core of everything we do is our love and passion for the hemp and CBD oil and edible industry. We believe that this is not only a growth industry that will help America economically, but also one that will help us take care of ourselves better. From the potential for treatment of physical pain relief to sustainable fabrics, to mental health, this is truly the biggest space to watch in the 21st century. is your go-to resource for the best hemp and CBD products on the market today. 

    We are also an educational resource for those wanting to learn more about this incredible industry, and advocates for everything we stand for in our personal and professional lives. This space is evolving constantly, and we want to make sure that from products, to education, to purpose, we give you the very best we have to offer. 

    Our Family of Products:

    When it comes to our resale partners, a lot of work goes into choosing what to bring to you, and how to bring it to you. At, we only sell the best CBD oil and hemp products from top brands that you can trust for quality! We work with a variety of well-known companies to bring you exclusively extraordinary items at an affordable price. Our quality, pricing, and service are simply not found elsewhere, and we stand by this with every order you make on our site. 

    We ensure our customers that all of our products meet our own highest safety standards. These products are guaranteed to be pure/clean without any harmful additives. doesn’t take any shortcuts when it comes to this type of standard and vetting. We sell and stand by products that are made with 100% organic material, grown using sustainable growing facilities and practices. 

    Our Online Shopping Experience:

    When it comes to shopping for hemp and CBD products, we also offer the best prices around. The value you get from the quality of our products is tremendous, and our online shopping experience projects that at each step. Our site does this by displaying an easy-to-use price per milligram system on each product so you can comparison shop before deciding on a final purchase. If needed, we have helpful icons that will guide our customers in finding exactly what they're looking for ,no matter how specific their needs may be. Want to learn more about how to get the most out of our online shopping experience? Just check out our Buyer’s Guide page online here

    Be a Part of Our Hemp and CBD Oil Community:

    Our community is a place where customers can find incredible benefits such as being the first to know about new products, sales and specials and receive exclusive discounts on products they want! values our customers who believe in, and advocate for hemp and CBD products just like we do. 

    When you order from Direct Hemp, you get to be a part of this ever-evolving, ever-growing group of passionate people. For this, we are forever grateful.

    Got a Question About Hemp Products, Edibles, or CBD Oil?

    Give us a shout! We want to be your #1 online resource for hemp products, CBD oil, CBD edibles, and much more. Contact us with any of your questions about our products, or about the industry in general. We’ll do our best to answer and help as much as we can, whether you’re making a purchase or not. It’s our goal to be there for you not only as a supplier, but also as an education resource and quality guide. Send us your questions, comments, and concerns by filling out this contact form


    You may be asking, what is the Direct Hemp difference?

    Quite simply, our customers come first at The products you need and the goals you have for your health and wellness are at the forefront of everything we do. The Direct Hemp difference is centered around six main pillars of excellence.

    The 6 main pillars are: 

    100% Customer Satisfaction: We are committed to making sure you are happy with your shopping experience. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please let our dedicated Customer Service team know and we will work with you.

    Direct Hemp Certified: If you see a brand listed on the website, you know that it has been Direct Hemp certified. The founding owners of our company have met directly with the brand’s executive team, toured their facilities, and fully vetted their operations. We evaluate each brand on the same criteria: Safety, Quality, Compliance, Innovation, Charity, and Culture.

    Fast Shipping: We know that you want your products as fast as possible. We store all of our products in a climate controlled, centrally-located facility to ensure all orders are delivered quickly within 3-5 days of your purchase.

    Quality: When you buy a product from, you are buying a quality product. Through our vetting process we review each brand’s entire supply chain throughout to verify the utmost care is taken to ensure quality. From the farmlands where the hemp is grown, to the extraction methods and manufacturing process, we diligently review the process to ensure a quality end product.

    Transparency: When it comes to the hemp industry in America, one of the most important pillars to us is transparency. We need to be able to track sources, confirm farming methods, and verify the products to be as described. We require all companies to provide up-to-date Certificates of Analyses (COAs) on every single one of their products to verify that the products contain what is listed and nothing else. To learn more about COAs click here

    Curated Selection: Every brand and each product you see on has been hand-selected by our team. We search far and wide to find companies that align with our values and check all the boxes that we believe make a hemp or CBD company great. We try out our product and review them as a team before making the decision to make them available to our customers.