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Credit to Medicine Dreamer

Hapé Usage

  Hapé is administered through the nose. It can either be snorted or blown into each nasal passage. The best results are achieved when it is blown using either a kuripe (tool for self administration) or a tepi (tool used when it is administered by another person). 

  Hapé is a cleansing medicine and should be approached with much respect and intention. It is best to have an intention before beginning, whether it is a general intention like energetic or physical healing, or something more specific like addressing a specific energetic block or releasing an old pattern, relationship,  or belief system. 

  According to some tribes there are 3 main ways to administer hapé. First is with a short and strong blow which brings awareness and presence and helps with clearing heavy or negative energy. The second is a long and strong blow that helps to clean the mind and spirit. The third way starts off slow and soft, and increases to a strong blow at the end. This method is best before or during a ceremony, entering into a trance state, or in conjunction with any type of meditation. 

  Hapé works best with the user when both nostrils receive the medicine without allowing too much time between each nostrils application. If applying to one nostril at a time start with the left side first and then do the right. There are different thoughts around whether the receiver should take a deep breath in and hold the breath while the hapé is being administered, or if the breath should be exhaled first and held out until after the hapé is administered. Both ways are effective, but the second ways seems to be a safer way to ensure that the administering the hapé doesn't end up with it back down their throat if the person receiving exhales before they receive all the hapé. (We have also observed that when the breath is held in while receiving hapé sometimes the person exhales as the hapé is entering the upper nasal passage and the exhale limits how much hapé enters, as well as how far it enters into the nasal passage. Where as if the person has exhaled their breath before receiving the hapé then they usually inhale as the hapé is going into the nasal passage and this assists it going deeper) Once the hapé has been received it is best to inhale and exhale through the mouth in the beginning. This will assist with grounding. 

  After awhile the hapé may begin to run down your throat. Make sure to expel this as it is the physical and energetic toxins leaving your body. At some point your nose will probably begin to run or drip. This is when you can start breathing through your nose. You don't want to immediately blow your nose because it's better to keep the hapé in as long as possible, but after you feel the initial force of the energy has calmed down then is a good time to blow the nose. 

  If you are not an experienced hapé user then it is best to start off with a smaller dose and adjust accordingly. A small amount around the size of a pea split between the two nostrils (or 1/32 of a teaspoon per nostril) is a good starting point, or even less. We have 1/32 teaspoon measuring scoops available in our store. One flattened scoop equals 1/32 of a teaspoon. The different kinds of hapé will also determine the strength and amount to use. 

Hapé Effects and Benefits

Different hapés can have different effects depending on the plants that are used to make them, but there are some generalized effects that most people experience with each hapé session. Hapé effects set in quickly and feel more intense in the beginning. Some of the benefits might include: 

  • Enhanced awareness and being centered
  • Hapé can help us come to a place of pure focus
  • Quieting the chatter of the mind
  • Remove negative energies from the mind and energy field
  • Is a great addition to other plant medicine ceremonies like Ayahuasca
  • Helps calm the emotions
  • Provides a deep sense of grounding that can also help with anxiety
  • Clears the sinuses of mucus and bacteria, allowing for deeper breathing which is beneficial to the lungs
  • Release of dopamine, epinephrin, serotonin, glutamate, and acetylcholine 

  More specific attributes for each of our hapés are listed in each hapés description.

Hapé orders ship separately.  Please allow additional processing time.

Legal Disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated the products or statements on this website. These products are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease or condition. Any information provided is from indigenous historical accounts and customer feedback. These products are sold as ethnobotanical research specimens only.