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All Products

It's a new world, come live in it with us!  

At Direct Hemp, we are cannabis experts who stand behind all of our products, our brands, and the science behind new innovations. 

This stuff is the real deal.



Check back here often. 
This part of our store is our next big focus. 
Enough of these and you just might turn into a fungi to be around.  Ha ha ha.
Ha. Ha. Ha.
Bath & Body -

Bath & Body

Infuse your beauty regime with the natural restorative properties of CBD. 
Best Sellers |

Best Sellers

Buy what these other people bought. 
Follow the crowd. 
Hundreds of people can't be wrong, right?
That's right! Wrong they are not.  
Charlotte's Web CBD Gummies: 10mg Sleep (Raspberry) 600mg⎢60ct

Boost All

Charlotte's Web CBD Gummies: 10mg Sleep (Raspberry) 600mg⎢60ct


Capsules -


No smell, no smoke, no taste, no fuss.  Simple, clean, efficient pre-dosed delivery.


If you take a WHOLE LOT of cannabis, and then you squish it down into a tiny little glob of goo, you got yourself a concentrate.  Neat!
Lots of uses.  Dabs, mostly.
Delta-9 |


The most popular cannabinoid in the world! Experience the bliss and benefits of Delta-9 from trusted brands.

Edibles -


Speed of onset: Slow. 
Intensity: HIGH. 
Edibles are a convenient, discreet way to consume cannabis with the longest lasting effects.  From microdosing to macrodosing, experiment to find the right effect for you.
Featured Products |

Featured Products

We like them.  We think you will like them. 
Buy them.
Flower -


Cannabis has had many names.
Weed, Reefer, Marijuana, Mary Jane, Hemp. 
But this hemp is not for making rope, this hemp is for making smoke. 
Or vaping.  Or baking.  You do you.
Hapé -


Hapé, also known as rapé, rapay, or shamanic snuff, is pronounced 'ha-peh'. It is a finely powdered snuff, usually made with a base of Nicotiana rustica, sometimes referred to as mapacho. The ash of other sacred medicinal herbs is often added to the blend. It has been used for medicinal, ritual, and recreational purposes by the Indeginous tribes of South America for centuries and we know its use dates back to at least as early as the Mayan civilization. 
Hapé orders ship separately.  Please allow additional processing time.
High Octane -

High Octane

These are powerfully potent products producing profoundly praiseworthy...effects. 
Caution! Experienced users only.
Don't blame me if you get too high. 
Or actually do and leave a review!
Oils -


Sublingual delivery is faster than edibles, and more flexible. Just put it in your mouth.
Take a little, take a lot, take what you need.
Pets -


Your treasured family friend or...
deserves to feel good, just like you! 
Great for hyper dogs and old dogs, or ALL dogs on the 4th of July. (Cats too)
Sales & Specials |

Sales & Specials

If it says: "Last Chance" when it's gone it's gone. 
If it says: "Sale" it's just because I love you. 
If it says nothing, I forgot to update the name.

Top 30 Products |

Top 30 Products

Our Top 30 showcases our most popular products from the past month, all with the same high level of quality and efficacy that we promise across the board. Our products are backed by years of research, testing, and development, so you can buy with confidence and feel great about what you're putting in your body. No matter which product you choose, you're getting our personally selected best when you buy CBD from DirectHemp.

Topicals -


Fast, targeted effects.  Rub it where it hurts, lol. 
Best when combined with another type of product, but works great by itself.


Smooth taste, smooth inhale.
Cough like hell for 2 minutes because that was way too big of a hit, whoops.
Smile for the next hour or two.