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Welcome! We are happy to have you. We want to introduce ourselves and let you know who we are and why we built

We’ve been in the industry for years. One of our owners started his first CBD company in 2015. We are passionate about the industry but we are not expert product creators. We are dreamers. We see this industry at its' very beginning. We dream of the world of tomorrow when cannabinoids are commonplace and hemp has taken a huge share of our daily diets. A time when plastics are replaced with hemp and the homes we live in and the roads we drive on are made of hemp. When using cannabis in any way no longer has a stigma. In this future, there are companies that started before today and some that are currently starting now. That’s what we’re focused on. We are huge fans of companies that do the right thing and make great products that benefit their customers. We are here to tell you about those companies!

So, just another CBD marketplace website?

We like to think we are much more than that. We are big fans of our customers as well and for them, we go above and beyond just providing a curated selection of some of our favorite products on the market, today.
We start by digging far and wide and looking for companies that have something special about them. Companies that do the right thing while also making fantastic products. When we find candidates or when candidates have reached out to us is where the real work begins.

We fly out to meet these candidates, in person, to vet them out as I’m sure we are be vetted in the process. We get a full tour of operations. We meet the employees along the way. We ask a ton of questions. We have set standards that are not met by many companies when we do these walk-throughs. These standards are based off of six points: Safety, Quality, Compliance, Innovation, Charity and Culture.

When a company checks all the boxes, we bring them in to the family.

From there, we don’t just form a drop-shipping relationship, we make an investment. (Drop-shipping is what most marketplaces do. This means if they sell a product from their website, the order gets fulfilled directly from the manufacturer. So, as a customer, if you were to buy from a marketplace that drop-ships and you purchased different products from different vendors you would receive different shipments at different times.) We buy all product up front so that we can provide the best possible experience for our customers. After all, it’s all about them.

The next part may come as a surprise to you. It certainly came as a surprise to us. As we were building this company we actually found many surprising things. One thing we know that our business will be centered around is quick, accurate fulfillment of orders. To accomplish this we went on many, many tours of many warehouses. We wanted something centrally located so that we could reach anywhere in the continental US as fast as possible. We saw warehouses of all kinds. Warehouses that had robots fulfilling orders, warehouses that used little technology and everything in between. Although many CBD companies could be found in these warehouses, do you know what almost all of them were missing climate control.

CBD has a few enemies. Top 2 enemies to CBD are heat and light. We knew we needed control over both of these elements to be able to preserve the product for the longest amount of time and ensure that our customers would receive their product without it being degraded in any way. It was surprising to us to see that some of these large CBD brands were being stored in facilities without climate control. That became one of the first questions we asked when vetting out companies. Our climate controlled facility comes at a premium but we gladly do it to take the best care of our customers as possible.