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Paige Hathaway

Global Fitness, Health & Lifestyle Authority 

If you have been on Instagram at any point during the past five years, you have undoubtedly come across some of Paige’s posts.

Paige is a true health and fitness expert and influencer who helps millions of people transform their lives through health and fitness. She started working out around 10 years ago, started lifting weights, and became one of the first women in social media to break the stigma and widespread belief that lifting weights made women look manly.

Paige quickly demonstrated that women can lift weights and maintain their femininity while also demonstrating power and beauty. Through lifting weights and focusing on fitness, Paige’s entire life changed. Her fitness journey changed her mindset, the way she felt about herself, and even changed her outlook on business.

Paige’s dedication to fitness made her a go-getter even in the entrepreneur world and made her very disciplined in all areas of her life. She believes that giving back to others is key to happiness and thus the true meaning of success. Paige also believes the key to lasting results lies in finding balance. These beliefs are just a small portion of why we here at are so excited to have Paige as a part of the Direct Hemp Family.

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