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Christine Kolenbrander

NCAA Championship Swimmer, Olympic Trials Qualifier, Crossfit Games 2017 and 2019

Christine is a 2x CrossFit Games athlete for CrossFit 417. Along with her athletic abilities and evident passion for Jesus, she is also an artist. She has designed two headband lines for Junk Brands which showcase her artistic side and her faith.

Christine’s posts are encouraging, fun, honest, and real. She brings a unique spin to the typical fitness Instagram and frequently interacts with her followers. Through that interaction, it makes you feel further connected to her journey. It’s not uncommon for her to respond to your comment on one of her posts or stories. She loves to give to those around her through giving her time, posting giveaways, and offering knowledge she learns throughout her experiences. Christine’s personality as well as her uplifting and fun posts, make her a female athlete worth following!

CBD and ME

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