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Understanding the Science Behind CBD

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Understanding the Science Behind CBD

What is CBD? It's a common question and a valid one for millions of Americans curious to learn more about it before trying it. CBD is a natural, non-psychoactive chemical found in cannabis plants. CBD products are made from the seeds and stalks of the hemp plant, not the leaves or flowers. This means that you can purchase it anywhere, no matter what state you live in. CBD is easy to get, easy to use, and easy to take with you on the go.

Understanding the Hemp Plant

Hemp has been used for centuries to produce clothing, paper goods, textiles, and even food for millennia. It is one of the most well-known ancient plants on earth. Hemp is what is known as an adaptable plant species. This means that hemp easily grows in different climates, soil types, and conditions. The reason for this is what makes it so special: the resin on its leaves.

Hemp has a thick coating of resin-producing glands that are responsible for producing cannabinoids, like CBD, among other things. From a biological standpoint, hemp is made up of natural chemicals that are called cannabinoids. These chemicals interact with our bodies to produce what are known as endocannabinoids, which help regulate many different things in the body like sleep patterns, appetite, moods, and pain sensation.

Endocannabinoid System Receptors

The receptors responsible for all of this interaction between hemp-derived cannabinoids and the human body have a relationship that goes back thousands of years. Endocannabinoid system receptors were first discovered in the late 1980s, and what we know about them today helps us to understand why cannabinoids from hemp work with our bodies so effectively.

Endocannabinoids vs Phytocannabinoids

Most people are not familiar with what a phytocannabinoid is, but it's important to understand when looking at the science behind what is CBD. A phytocannabinoid is what you get when cannabinoids are taken from plants. Cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, THCV, and more all fit this description. Phytocannabinoids interact with what's known as cannabinoid receptors in our bodies to produce what cannabis enthusiasts refer to as the "high" associated with marijuana use.

On their own though, phytocannabinoids are not necessarily psychoactive in the sense that  they don't produce what people generally think of as a "high." Instead, they interact with what's known as the endocannabinoid system to create what we call homeostasis and balance.

CBD Oil and Other Products Explained

There are many varieties of CBD products available to be purchased online without hassle. CBD products are not only legal but also widely used by tens of millions of Americans as part of their daily routine. While you may find some great deals out there across various platforms, it's still important to do your research before deciding on what products to get. Understanding CBD and CBD products is a good first step to becoming an informed, responsible consumer.

CBD oils are produced by extracting  CBD from the marijuana or hemp plant, then diluting it with a carrier oil like coconut or peach. CBD edibles are food infused with CBD made by infusing CBD into honey, chocolate, and other delectable treats. There are many different ways to use CBD products, depending on what works best for you.

If your goal is to consume CBD in a portable form that's easy to take with you, then gummies, chocolates, edibles, and CBD drink mixes are what you're looking for. All of these options provide the same health benefits as other forms of ingestion like oils or tinctures. CBD is associated with feelings of calmness, and frequent users report it providing relief from stress-related disorders such as anxiety and depression.

What is CBD: How to purchase it online!

To people asking themselves "what is CBD?" there's a great source to learn more, and to get your first set of CBD products shipped right to you. That source is Thanks to, you can purchase CBD online with just a matter of clicks, and have it shipped right to your doorstep in just a few days. We have products from top US providers, and partner with world-class brands.

We also have a resourceful educational section on our site where you can learn more about current trends in the industry, as well as news about the science behind CBD. Got a question? Feel free to reach out to us directly. Simply fill out a contact form here, and we'd be happy to go over any questions you may have. At, we don't just sell CBD products, we advocate for them, and we educate the public on them too. Come join us!