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Study Suggests CBD May Help Block Covid-19 Virus From Replicating

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Study Suggests CBD May Help Block Covid-19 Virus From Replicating

A team of researchers and scientists from the University of Chicago recently found that CBD may inhibit infection by Covid-19 in humans and mice. CBD, cannabidiol, is derived from the cannabis plant. 

The study was published in the journal Science Advances and researchers believe that their evidence is promising and warrants clinical trials to look more closely at the possibility of CBD being helpful in preventing Covid-19 infection. A link to the full study can be found here.

Researchers say that what sparked the idea to study CBD and its possible effects on the virus, came from the well-known anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. They were hopeful CBD could help inhibit the more severe second part of a Covid-19 infection that involves a strong immune system response. Using extremely pure CBD, they found that the CBD inhibited Covid-19’s ability to replicate. 

As we wait for more research and the possibilities of clinical trials, the team encourages you to check out the high-quality hemp and CBD products available on our website.

There is no better time to add CBD to your health and wellness routine.