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A Brief History of CBD

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A Brief History of CBD

CBD products are becoming more and more popular in the United States these days. Did you know, however, that CBD has been around for a long time? CBD was first discovered by scientists back in the 1940s when they found that CBD had pain relief properties. They then started to experiment with how CBD could be used to treat conditions like anxiety, depression, epilepsy, and many other ailments.

It wasn't until the 1990s that CBD started being produced commercially for use outside of scientific experiments. Nowadays there is a near-endless supply of CBD products you can find from brands that cover all types of, flavors, and methods of consuming CBD.

The First Uses of CBD

In the 1940s CBD was used for scientific experiments. CBD was tested to see if it had any pain relief properties, and CBD showed promising results. Many of the most well-known tests were performed by a British chemist named Robert S. Cahn, and later by an American chemist named Roger Adams. It was Adams that was first successful in isolating cannabinoids for the first time, and his work could be considered the beginning of what we know as CBD today.

After the 1940s, CBD remained largely a substance known in the scientific community, although research was progressing pretty rapidly. By the 1980s, research done by a scientist named Dr. Mechoulam was done on the effects of CBD as far as potential medical applications. Dr. Mechoulam was the first to discover CBD products as we know them today, and his work has been quoted many times in CBD studies since.

The 1990s Were a Game-Changer

Though CBD still wasn't fully legal by the 1990s, California's Proposition 215 set the ball in motion. California's "Prop 215" was a law that legalized medical marijuana and other cannabis products for medical use. Medical marijuana in California was a big impetus for many other types of CBD products. The bill was approved by the state's voters, and CBD became a legal substance to be prescribed out by doctors.

The first instances of CBD being used for pain management were used in patients in California who were terminally ill. That use then evolved to more commonplace symptoms of day-to-day ailments. Through legalization, the experience of using CBD products normalized in California, and then grew into what we now know today.

Nearly 70% of American states now have access to either medical marijuana, fully legalized recreational marijuana, or decriminalized marijuana. In all 50 states, CBD products are legal for sale and consumption (albeit controlled/regulated). CBD products are generally available over-the-counter, but most people prefer to order them online, from sites like

Buying CBD Products Today

Over the past 5-10 years, CBD products have become an all but ubiquitous part of e-commerce and many retail sales models. It is culturally relevant in the sense that it has tens of millions of users, most of whom consume CBD to alleviate symptoms associated with pain and anxiety. CBD products are typically categorized as CBD oil, CBD tincture, CBD cream/lotion, and CBD capsules.

Today, CBD is used in a variety of different ways to help people feel better. Whether it be smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol, CBD helps many find relief from the negative effects these substances have on their body. Many CBD consumers believe it's great for alleviating symptoms associated with chronic and moderate pain. Many people also report that it has been able to reduce feelings of nausea as well.

Choosing the right CBD products for you is important because there are lots of options out there, especially at When looking for the best CBD products for you,  CBD gummies may be a great option. CBD gummies are small and easy to swallow, which can make the process of taking CBD much easier for your situation. Other great options are tinctures, captures, topicals, and CBD supplements.

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