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Where Does CBD Come From?

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Where Does CBD Come From?

CBD or cannabidiol is extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant. It is the trichomes of the plant that CBD is usually extracted from. The reason for the mix up between CBD and marijuana is this: Both are compounds originating from the Cannabis Sativa plant. This gives rise to a false notion that CBD IS marijuana. 

The biggest fear among those unfamiliar with CBD is whether this will produce a high like marijuana. In marijuana, the component that gives you the high is delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, as it is known. CBD does not produce a high; THC does- it’s that simple!

Hemp vs marijuana

In general, many confuse hemp plants with marijuana. Hemp and marijuana are both species of the same Cannabis plant. This herbaceous plant comes in two classifications-

  • Cannabis Sativa
  • Cannabis Indica

Hemp belongs to the Sativa species. Marijuana may belong to either. Since hemp and marijuana belong to the same plant species overall, they have many similarities including their appearance.

However, there is one major difference. The marijuana plants have a high THC level. This results in the high that you get when you use marijuana. In contrast, hemp plants do not have much THC at all. In fact, it has less than 0.3% THC, which is negligible and certainly cannot cause a high. Hemp does have high levels of CBD, which is the non- psychoactive compound and typically this plant is where CBD is extracted from. Keep in mind that hemp does not feature in the Controlled Substances Act. As per the Farm Bill 2018, hemp can now be cultivated commercially for CBD extraction.

The THC- CBD ratio

When you opt for a cannabidiol product that has hemp derived CBD, the THC is less than or equal to the legally allowed limit of 0.3%. Federal law and many state laws allow the sale of hemp derived product with no restrictions, unlike marijuana. CBD products do work well with anxiety related issues but they do NOT offer the high that you will experience with marijuana. This is thanks to lack of THC in hemp derived CBD. As more and more people discover that these are effective for a range of problems and safe, there has been an increasing demand for CBD based products.

CBD from other sources

It is only when CBD comes from the cannabis specie that it raises such confusion because of the mix up with marijuana. However, compounds very similar to CBD, with the same benefits can be derived from other sources as well. It has been found that these can interact with the body’s internal cannabinoid system exactly like CBD does. There are many plants in which we find these CBD-like substances, such as:

  • Coneflower: Also known as Echinacea, the coneflower has been traditionally used for medicine. In particular, the plant’s CBD like extracts are used to treat arthritic pain, migraines and other kinds of pain. It is also a common remedy for stress relief.
  • Sunflower: A specific genus of sunflower, the helichrysum, which has about 600 varieties within it, has something called amorfrutins. These are phytocannbinoids that are quite similar to what we find in hemp derived CBD.
  • Black pepper: A very common sight on every kitchen shelf, black pepper has a specific compound that is found in high concentration in cannabis. This compound is called beta- caryophyllene or BCP and it is a terpene that is found in cannabis. This invests black pepper with many of the properties that you would find in a hemp CBD compound.

These are not the only plant sources we find for cannabinoid-like substances. There are many more and most importantly, we use many of them in various ways. In short, cannabinoid/ CBD has been in use for decades now across cultures in many of these forms. It has been incorporated safely, with great effect, in medications for a range of ailments and troubles. If you have been harboring fears that CBD is the same as marijuana and will have psychotropic effects, it is time to beak free of those. CBD from hemp or CBD-like compounds from other plant sources are safe, effective and easy to include in your daily life to derive a host of benefits!

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