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Father's Day Gift Guide

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Father's Day Gift Guide

Dads do a ton. From yard work and home repairs to helping you move, dads are sure to have some aches and pains. Help dad find relief with these amazing gift ideas: he'll be the chillest dad on the block.

Active DadIs your Dad the type to never slow down?

He somehow works all day, still gets a workout in and still has time to tend to the family? We don’t know how they do it, but we can certainly help them recover from their long days! The Sam Dancer Bundle is the best way to give your dad a bit of everything for recovery at the best possible price! Also, check out our CBD-infused protein from Altwell! Click the product image for more details.

Does your dad spend a lot of time behind a computer?

Does he love to read and is a student of life? We have great ideas for him! Try out the Cured Rise capsules in the morning, to give him focus without the jitters of caffeine. We also love the CBDent Gum for a boost of clarity and focus during the day or some Charlotte’s Web Calm gummies to stay calm in the stressful moment. Click the product image for more details.

Fun Dad

Does your Dad enjoy being the life of the party?

You can always count on him to crack a joke or make an entrance that leaves everyone laughing! We recommend CBD Living 300mg Sour gummies to give him a bit of fun while also getting some CBD in his system. Maybe your dad had a few too many and you’re worried about the next day for him. Gift him some Extract Labs 1000mg Full Spectrum Soft Gels to help him through!  Click the product image for more details.

Does your Dad absolutely love his furry friend?

Little Buddy Brand 1000mg Pet Wellness Oil is a great gift at 50% off to keep man’s best friend happy and healthy! Or, if you want a little bit of everything, check out the Pet Care Bundle for savings and assortment of some of our favorite pet products! Click the product image for more details.

Give Dad the gift of wellness this Father's Day.

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