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Fast Shipping. Multiple Options.

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Fast Shipping. Multiple Options.

At, our focus is making our customers as happy as they can be. We do this by vetting out and providing high quality brands all in one convenient location. We also pride ourselves on excellent customer service and superior shipping operations.

All of our product is stored in a climate- controlled, FDA-registered facility that is centrally located in Kansas City, Missouri. We chose this warehouse location so that we could best serve our customers and have one of the industries best fulfillment times and order processing times. We don’t just aim for excellence in this department, we achieve it. In our first year of business, 86% of our orders were shipped on the same day they were ordered.

In that time, after the products were shipped, over half of them were delivered between 1-3 days later. 48.5% of our orders were delivered within 4-7 days and only an outlier of 1% took 7-11 days to arrive. (This one percent came from holiday season when shipping carriers struggled to keep up with demand.)

If what we have said so far doesn’t excite you, hopefully the fact that our shipping is FREE for members will! That’s right, absolutely free for our customers who choose to join as a member and opt-in to our email list. Our free shipping is through USPS. We also have other shipping methods for our customers that prefer different carriers.

We offer expedited USPS service, Fedex Ground and UPS Ground to make sure that every customer has the option to choose the method they prefer.

Have you ordered from us in the past? What was your experience with the order and shipping times? We’d love to know in the comments below!

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