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CBD Simplified Icons

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CBD Simplified Icons
At we aim to be "A Better Way to CBD"! To do this, we try and make the buying process as simple as possible. We start by hand-selecting brands and companies we want to work with and then doing our due diligence to ensure that brands we work with are trustworthy and high quality. Because of this, you know that if a brand is listed on our website, it can be trusted. From there, we try to make the process even easier by including everything you would need to make your purchasing decision right on the buying page. We list the "Price per Milligram" so you know how much CBD you are getting for the amount of money you are spending. We also list a link to the COA of the product along with all necessary ingredient information. The next thing we do to completely simplify the process for you is to have an icon next to each product that tells you quickly and simply about how the product was made. We've made it easy to identify these icons by a short description associated with them and the full definitions for these icons are below!

USA Hemp
This icon defines products made using hemp sourced from American Farmers.We are an American company and we prefer to work with companies supporting American farmers!
European Hemp
This icon defines products made from hemp sourced from European farmers.
This icon identifies that the product uses a “Full-Spectrum” extract. We define full-spectrum as an extract that contains multiple cannabinoids including THC.
This icon identifies products that have been made with a broad-spectrum extract. We define broad-spectrum extracts as those with multiple cannabinoids but contain no THC.
Isolate Made
This icon identifies products that have been made with isolated CBD extract. We define CBD isolate extracts as those with only pure CBD, and contain no other cannabinoids.
THC Compliant
This icon is used to let you know when a product contains trace amounts of THC. The products that contain this icon will always have 0.3% THC or less in them to comply with all legal requirements.
THC Free
This icon lets you know when a product has a THC level that is non-detectable by the third-party testing labs. Customers that want to avoid THC for personal reasons or because they are drug-tested by their employer want to look for products that have this icon.
Water Soluble
This icon lets you know when a product is considered water soluble. CBD is a hydrophobic compound by nature, so by making a water soluble CBD compound you can get more bio-available products than CBD that is not water soluble.
This icon identifies when a product is made using only vegan ingredients.
Gluten Free
This icon identifies when a product contains absolutely no gluten.
CO2 Extracted
This icon identifies when a product is manufactured using raw materials that were extracted with C02. We had some customers provide us feedback that this was important to them to know, so we added it as an icon! Favorite
This icon lets you know that someone at calls this product their favorite in our collection of products.
Great Value
This icon identifies you are paying less than $.06 per milligram of CBD and getting a great value!
GMP Certified
This icon identifies that the product has been produced in a facility that has earned its' GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification. A facility with GMP certification has demonstrated a strong regulatory commitment and compliance to international GMP standards.

What are other icons you would like to see included?
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