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Altwell Brand Highlight

To truly tell you the story of Altwell, we must first fill you in on a little backstory. This backstory begins with the Pickett Family. They are known for creating Muscle Milk in the 90s and were the first ones to make protein taste great. They scaled that brand and gained a clear expertise in product development and supplement manufacturing. The Pickett family ended up selling the brand to Hormel in 2014.

A few years later, Penny Pickett, Nikki Brown’s mother, stumbled across CBD. Penny had always been a non-sleeper when she began to experiment with CBD and found that, when using CBD, she was able to get to sleep quicker and have deeper, more restful sleep. She informed her daughter of these findings and also pointed out the lack of consistency with flavor and effect in the CBD industry at the time. They went out looking and researching the industry and kept finding more and more inconsistencies across brands. They viewed it as an opportunity and Altwell was born.

Altwell, in the beginning, stood for “Alternative Wellness” as you might have guessed. Since its’ inception, however, they have evolved, and they are focused on more than just alternative wellness. They are focused on modern wellness. What that means to them is a focus on the big picture of wellness which includes cannabinoids and other adaptogens and functional ingredients.

One of the main things that separates Altwell from the rest of the pack is their focus on taste. They have an in-house R&D team that allows them the ability to try new flavors and products and explore the space deeper than other brands out there. They are focused on making their products taste as well as they work for their customers which is no easy task. The second thing that helps Altwell stand out is their focus on consistency. Consistency to them means that everything should be the same throughout your experience. The first gummy of theirs you try, should be just as good as the last.

Altwell also has an incredible company culture. They are built more like a family than a company and, through our discussions with employees there, we learned that the environment is very laid back and incredibly personal. Everyone who works for Altwell feels that can truly be their 100% authentic self. The same person they are at Thanksgiving dinner, is the same person that shows up to work every day without fear of corporate stuffiness or judgement. They also have a gym onsite and a personal trainer that does boot camp classes 3 days a week with employees. One more point to drive home how awesome their culture is – every level of employment has an open mic for sharing ideas. Everyone in the company has a voice, and it shows!

We are extremely excited to share the Altwell family of products with our family here at Their protein is the very first product to fall into our “Supplements” category and is truly unique in the industry. The flavor and effect of their gummies are sure to become a fan-favorite, and their facial serum has already gained rave reviews from customers who purchased quickly after we launched them on the site.

Have you had a chance to try out Altwell? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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