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CBD and Me with Paige Hathaway

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CBD and Me with Paige Hathaway

In our second edition of CBD and Me, we want to highlight the great and powerful Paige Hathaway. If you have been on Instagram at any point during the past five years, you have undoubtedly come across some of Paige’s posts. 

Paige is a true health and fitness expert and influencer who helps millions of people transform their lives through health and fitness. She started working out around 10 years ago, started lifting weights, and became one of the first women in social media to break the stigma and widespread belief that lifting weights made women look manly. 

Paige quickly demonstrated that women can lift weights and maintain their femininity while also demonstrating power and beauty. Through lifting weights and focusing on fitness, Paige’s entire life changed. Her fitness journey changed her mindset, the way she felt about herself, and even changed her outlook on business. 

Paige’s dedication to fitness made her a go-getter even in the entrepreneur world and made her very disciplined in all areas of her life. She believes that giving back to others is key to happiness and thus the true meaning of success. Paige also believes the key to lasting results lies in finding balance. These beliefs are just a small portion of why we here at are so excited to have Paige as a part of the Direct Hemp Family.

We got a chance to catch up with Paige recently and ask her some questions. We’re so excited to introduce her to our Direct Hemp Community.

Paige’s CBD Journey

Paige’s fiancé, Jason, worked in the CBD space. A mutual friend reached out to Paige and suggested she look into CBD because of its worldwide wellness impact. Paige began researching CBD, and eventually began using hemp and CBD products. 

Originally, she tried CBD because Jason used it daily. 

“He still takes a ton of it every day,” she says. “Jason uses it for a variety of reasons, and he’s like walking proof of the power of CBD.” 

With Paige’s hectic work schedule and never-ending to-do list comes stress and anxiety. She originally began taking CBD to support a healthy stress response. At first--like many people--she was apprehensive because of hemp’s common confusion with marijuana. 

“I originally had the misconception that CBD was similar to weed and it might get you high or make you feel weird, and I had a lot of concerns,” she says. “Jason was able to educate me on what it really was so I started taking it.”

When Paige found out she was pregnant, one of the first questions she asked was whether she could continue taking CBD. She was thrilled when she learned that she could. 

“I used CBD throughout my entire pregnancy,” she says. “I swear by it because my pregnancy was so easy. 

“I had heard if you are pregnant with a girl, it’s the worst and comes with the worst morning sickness and worst pain. We didn’t even think we were pregnant with a girl because my pregnancy was so easy.”

Paige’s Favorite CBD Products 

Paige says that if one of her friends or followers asks her for CBD recommendations, she often turns to Jason to find out what he might recommend.

“I’m not a CBD expert, but I’ll try to learn more about it so that if someone asks me, I can give a recommendation,” she says. 

Jason tries to recommend CBD products that create an immediate result for the consumer. He says there should be no question whether the product is effective--the consumer should know immediately whether it’s helping. Additionally, Jason recommends products that help to regulate daily, and that give immediate benefits. 

For anyone looking to get started on their CBD journey, Paige advocates self-education. She’s enthusiastic about learning and is always on the lookout for new, science-backed information about CBD that she can use to back up her own testimony. Sourcing the Best CBD from Small Businesses

We asked her what she would say to her followers who are just getting started or do not know about CBD.

"I would say to look at CBD like you would any other supplement to which you are adding to your daily intake. You are taking vitamins and supplements to make up for a deficiency in your body’s natural production.

This is no different.  You are taking CBD to supplement your endocannabinoid system, to get it back to running at an optimal level! 

In starting I’d definitely recommend products that are appealing to you, whether in taste and flavor or in the application.  Start with what you are comfortable with and as you become more familiar and start seeing results branch out into other products and applications til you find out what is best for you! 

Not all products are work the same for everyone so trying them out and seeing what gives you the best results is a fun part of the journey! "

Paige loves the fact that sources high-quality, vetted products from small businesses. 

 “One of the main reasons I decided to partner with Direct Hemp was because they made the journey (as just mentioned) extremely easy.  They went out and found great small businesses producing high quality products and put them all in one place for the consumer.  They then educate the consumers and first time buyers and help them navigate what is best for them. The CBD market is oversaturated with products and brands and as a consumer this can be really intimidating and overwhelming.  Direct Hemp has taken this part of the shopping experience on for you and made it extremely convenient and stress free!”

If you want to follow Paige, you can find her on Instagram @paigehathaway where she shares her workouts and fitness motivation, as well as her journey as a new mother to her firstborn, Presley. You also will get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into her and Jason’s life as they settle into their new home and prepare for their wedding! 

Finally, if you are in the Dallas area, make sure to check out Paige’s new Cryotherapy recovery center, iCryo,  where you can do all things cryotherapy, compression therapy, IV therapy and more!


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